On the March 18-20, in Lucerne it will be an exciting fashion event Fashion Circle . The doors of the magic Château Gütsch will open for the fashion designers and shops. For these two and half days, this palace-hotel will host a platform where local Swiss fashion brands will offer their products to the visitors of the event. We met with Cornelia Buckhardt, the owner of the event agency Einfach Wunderbar and the organizer of the upcoming event, to learn more about Fashion Circle.

RAGFAiR (RF): What is Fashion Circle and what will be happening there?


Cornelia Buckhard (Coco): The main idea of the Fashion Circle is to give an opportunity to the Swiss designers and fashion brands to reach a wider audience. It will be a unique atmosphere in a beautiful place, complemented with several fashion shows and music. The show on Friday will be moderated by Damian Betschart and the music will be by DJ Miky Merz. There will be a jazz singer at 5pm on Saturday and fashion circle brunch on Sunday.

RF: How did an idea for such an event come up?

Coco: It was my dream to organize a significant event in Lucerne that could with a time become a hallmark of the city.  Also, fashion is a passion for me, that’s how the idea came to my mind. Of course, this was really ambitious to make such an important and complex event, but I dared to try. 

Kauf-Eintrittskarten_1200-500RF: Could you tell us a bit more about the pre-opening event on Friday?

Coco: This is the evening we would like to celebrate the beginning of the event. There are 150 places for the visitors that will enjoy apéro with drinks, fashion shows and other surprises. There will be four designers that will make fashion shows on Friday. I gave complete freedom to all of them for organizing the shows. So these performances will differ a lot from each other as all designers will bring their own models and music. 

RF: How did you find such a beautiful location?

Coco: In the past I used to work in this hotel and it always was my dream to come back one day and organize an event there. So, I wrote a concept with detailed offer and showed it to the director of the Château Gütsch. He right away accepted the offer without any doubts. Today people, who live in Lucerne, are not really aware about what is going on inside the hotel and such an event will be a good opportunity for the people to visit this palace. It is really important for the hotel management to have this event and make a free entry for the visitors. So that it could be a good occasion for the people to come and see this magic place.

The Château Gütsch in Lucerne is a fairy-tale hilltop palace that really reminds Disneyland. As a matter of fact, its architecture was inspired by the Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein. It was built in 1888 by architect Emil Vogt as a private residence. However, now it is a romantic hotel with stunning views of Lucerne, the lake and the mountains. It has a top-class restaurant and none of its 27 luxe hotel rooms are the same. At some point this place was in favor of Charlie Chaplin, Sophie Loren and Alfred Hitchcock. Recently Château Gütsch was reopened after one-year-long renovation and now visitors can enjoy the spectacular views just in two steps from the city center with a short ride on the funicular.

RF: How did you select the designers for fashion circle? What were the criteria?

Coco: Some of the fashion designers I approached by myself and others contacted me. All the places on the event got sold pretty quickly. The main criteria were to have local businesses participating and only brands related to the fashion. There will be some foreign brands represented by local shops. Unfortunately, some brands like home decoration, I had to turn down this time.

RF: Who will be the visitors of the Fashion Circle?

Coco: We expect more than a thousand of visitors. There will be customers of designers and shops and local people from Lucerne. What’s more we collaborate with Lucerne tourist office and we count on some tourists as well that weekend.

RF: Who is in the Einfach-Wunderbar team? Who is helping you with the event?

Coco: I organize the Fashion Circle mostly by myself. Since this event is very important and complex, it is really a learning curve and hard work for me. Yet, all pieces of the puzzle came together and there were many lucky coincidences on the way. As for the Einfach Wunderbar team, at the moment I am the only one. Ballons_01


We would like to give applause to Cornelia Buckhardt as from an idea she managed to organize such a big event nearly all by herself, attract many supporters, participants and press. She had a dream and made things happen!We will be part of this event on Sunday, March 20. Come and experience it yourself, it will be exciting!